Project Finance

Prime Consulting Alliance Group offers expert assistance in the financial structure of large projects, Power plants, Hotels, Airports, Sea Ports.

Trade Finance

Prime Consulting Alliance Group provides fast access to working capital along with compliance services to eco-friendly & fair trade export businesses with creditworthy customers throughout the world.

Advisory Service

Prime Consulting Alliance Group provides consulting and due diligence service for governments, multinational corporation and commodity trades.

Carbon Consult

We offer a flexible worldwide network of dedicated experts around the issues of biosphere services for the atmosphere. We are well linked to government and civil society representatives, tropical foresters and renewable energy experts.

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Prime Consulting Alliance Group is a leading global high-end boutique financial services firm devoted to generating a full spectrum of innovative solutions to complex trade and project challenges.

It is the Mission of Prime Consulting Alliance Group to be an industry leader in the development, execution, implementation, and support of tailor-made financial structures, and to provide access to capital for qualified ventures, by utilizing a global network of persons who have achieved expertise in their fields and industries.

PCA is a group of companies, business units and partners, which combine to provide a full spectrum of innovative solutions to complex trade and project problems. The first company in what later became Prime Consulting Alliance Group was founded in 2001 and quickly grew to provide high-level consulting, advising, and structuring services to companies, individuals, and governments worldwide. Over the years, PCA has listed multi-national corporations, banks, non-profit organizations, and various government agencies from around the world among its clients. We have provided consulting services to industry leaders in mining, energy, commodities, renewable energy banking and several other industries. The group has also worked with a number of governments, aiding them in carrying out successful new ventures. We cover a full spectrum of services, from start-up ventures and multi-national enterprises to government agencies. Whatever the client focus, PCA has the experience and skill needed to be an agile and effective competitor. We help our clients to think, plan, and act strategically, providing them with the structures, processes, and technologies they need to survive and thrive in a world of rapid change and unpredictable forces.

PCA provides its clients with solutions that transcend geographical, regulatory, economic, and cultural boundaries.

Prime Consulting Alliance Group is a global high-end provider of innovative financing solutions. Its primary mission is to support large projects and international trade transactions by arranging, structuring, and/or providing financing. The company provides comprehensive customer financial support, primarily utilizing third-party financing from a host of international lenders that include commercial banks, multilateral and bilateral lending institutions, export credit agencies, and capital markets. PCA offers expert assistance in the financial structure of trade, projects, credit support, and risk allocation. The group’s culture enables us to deliver quick responses to customer needs. Unencumbered by big corporate hierarchies, streamlined and highly effective teams conduct business with speed and simplicity. We deliver “out of the box” solutions, customized to our clients’ needs. As a result, Prime Consulting Alliance Group’s customers consistently benefit from finance solutions created by experts that are committed to their long-term success. PCA is a boutique firm with the skills, talents, and power of a large corporation.

Prime Consulting Alliance Group offers expert assistance in the financial structure of large projects, credit support, and risk allocation. Structured project finance is the long term financing of infrastructure and industrial projects based upon the projected cash flows rather than the balance sheets of the project sponsors. Read more
Energy projects often require long-term funding of between 18-25 years. Traditionally long term loans require long-term contracts. The essence of project finance is the raising of funds to finance the costs of a project, debt service and return on equity from cash flows generated by the project. Read more
Worldwide, waste continues to build. But, plasma gasification represents a clean and efficient way to manage waste in an environmentally responsible manner, creating energy and helping clean the planet. Read more...
Meeting the world’s Oil Gas & Mining needs takes expertise, capital and innovation. Prime Consulting Alliance Group team of experts adds value to clients in the oil, gas and Mining sectors through private sector financing and advisory services. Read more
PCA advisory team serves qualified franchisees of major hotel brands and independent boutique hotels throughout the Americas and Europe. Our execution is reliable and catered to our clients’ specific requirements. Read more

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